We all spend a lot of time in our home, and we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate our likes, hobbies and passions into our home in order to enjoy it more.
The entertainment category for home automation is frequently broken down into Audio, Video and IoT (Internet of Things), bringing all your favorite entertainment systems together to interact with you as one!

Whole Home Audio

Integrating your audio into your Smart Home System will let you control and interact with your audio system in fun and simple ways! You can now ask your home to play your favorite playlist by a simple voice command, or integrate it with other systems in your home to make it set a specific mood for you.

You can also automate routines to make your life easier and more fun! For example, tell your system it’s time to relax and it will automatically dim the lights and start playing a soft music playlist for you.

When we are home, being able to stream our favorite music, and enjoy it in high quality, wherever we are is one of the best parts of a connected home.

No matter what your preference is we will make sure you have the perfect system for your lifestyle. We will ensure the speakers and controls match you and your family’s preferences and lifestyle so that you can all have a great time at home!

Media Rooms

Whether you have a dedicated room or a shared space, we can design the perfect home theatre experience for you to enjoy!

We know every person has unique needs and likes, so we will make sure we understand what you are looking for and design the perfect room for your home. We will also make sure it is integrated and simple to use! No messy wires, a bunch of remotes and complex systems.

Private Cinema

We know everyone has a different home, different needs and preferences, so just let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure it matches your needs!


Let the concealment experts at WH Smarthome help your home or business’s concealment solutions.We can handle all types of solutions including pop-up television lifts, wall and ceiling speakers, and even subwoofers.

Outdoor Entertainment

Audio and Video aren’t exclusive to your home theater! We know you enjoy music in many places throughout your home, so why not make sure you get amazing sound quality no matter where you are!

If you enjoy entertaining and having friends and family over you definitely want to make sure you have a nice sound system that allows you to play music wherever you and your guests are, whether indoors or enjoying some outdoor time!