Home Automation for Comfort

Making our lives easier and more enjoyable is one of the best uses for technology. When we choose the right technology for our lifestyle it enhances our day to day routines, making them more enjoyable, fun and easier to do!

Home Automation can make just about every area of our homes/lives easier, but when it comes to the comfort of our homes it becomes one of the most explored and used areas of home automation. When talking about comfort in our home we immediately think of elements such as temperature control, lighting, window blinds or shades and how they make our lives more comfortable. When we think of a cold winter day we imagine our fireplace lit up,  the heating in our home set to a comfortable temperature and watching a movie with a comfortable blanket. So where does the smart technology come into play here?

The idea of creating a comfortable home environment means automating the the tasks needed to get to that state so that you don’t have to think about them or remember to do the. Let’s take the example above; image you leave to work in the morning and set the temperature of the house lower so that you don’t wast energy warming up an empty house. After your work day you come back and want to have your house warm as soon as you walk in, however this doesn’t always happen as we expect. Sometimes we might forget to turn the heating down when we leave and waste energy and money, or maybe one day you get home earlier, so the thermostat hasn’t even started heating your home when you arrive. All this can be changed by smart technology and a well planned home automation system, having your house respond intelligently to your lifestyle, routine and needs.


Lighting is everywhere we turn, in our homes we probably consider it as one of the most basic elements, and it is both functional and decorative.

Using Smart Technology for our lighting systems opens up a wide range of possibilities in our home! We can use it to save money, create a safer and more secure home as well as set a specific mood and ambiance when we choose it.

Home Automation allows you to set your front porch lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, making sure they are always on only when you need them, saving you money on energy bills and eliminating the need to re-program timers as the seasons change.

 It also makes our lives easier by creating scenes to control all the light in our home. For example when we leave the house we can set all the lights to turn off with one simple button.

You can also set a mood and combine lighting with other smart elements in your home to have the perfect lighting when you want it. Imagine hosting your friends or family over for a quiet dinner and having your home decorated to match the occasion perfectly; now simply touch a button or ask your voice assitant to set your light to entertain, and it will automatically dim, the window shades will lower and the music will start a comfortable playlist in the background while you simply sit down with your guests.

Comfort - Lighting Detail

Temperature Control

Walking into your home after a day at the office and finding it to be too hot or too cold is never pleasant, but neither is spending money keeping your house warm or cool when no one is home to enjoy it!

To make matters more complicated, your routines change frequently, your family has different activities and they are constantly changing, so making sure the thermostat is set to the right temperature at all times is very hard.

But it doesn’t have to be! Using a smart thermostat that can be set depending on your routines, learn from you and adapt to changes makes it very easy to have your home at the right temperature whenever you are there, and save money and energy when you aren’t!


Motorized Shades

No one likes having to go around the house opening or lowering your shades several times of the day just to let the right about of light in!

If you have high ceilings and hard to reach windows this becomes even harder, so why not do it automatically?

With Smart Motorized shades not only can you open and close all your window shades with one button, you can set them to open and close depending on the light outside! On a sunny day you might want to lower them a little more to control how much sunlight is coming in, however on a cloudy day you might want to have them all open to let as much light in as possible. Do this and more with a Smart Home and motorized window shades!

Ready to turn in for the night? Just ask your voice assistant to lower all the blinds and forget about having to check each window!


Voice Control

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants have become very popular over the last few years, they have significantly improved their technology and are now able to understand almost everything you ask them to do!

When combining a voice assistant with a Smart Home you can control and interact with your home by using nothing but your voice! Forget about going around the house looking for a remote control, or reaching for your phone to touch a button. Instead simply ask your favorite voice assistant to turn the lights on of off or tell her it’s time for bed and have her perform all the tasks you need before you turn down for the evening.