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    Home Automation allows a home to be fully connected, bringing all your systems and devices together to be controlled with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

    If you’ve ever wanted to simply press a button before going to bed and having your home lock doors, lower the window shades, set the thermostat to a cooler temperature and turn off all the lights, then a Smart Home is definitely what you need!


    Home Automation allows you to set your front porch lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, making sure they are always on only when you need them, saving you money on energy bills and eliminating the need to re-program timers as the seasons change.

    It also makes our lives easier by creating scenes to control all the light in our home. For example when we leave the house we can set all the lights to turn off with one simple button.

    You can also set a mood and combine lighting with other smart elements in your home to have the perfect lighting when you want it.

    Using Smart Technology for our lighting systems opens up a wide range of possibilities in our home!We can use it to save money, create a safer and more secure home as well as set a specific mood and ambiance when we choose it.

    Window Treatments

    Motorized window shades allow you to adjust the amount of light coming into your rooms based on the time of day, or your needs. They also allow you to protect your home from harsh rays while providing a soft light to complement your home. No need to go around your home multiple times a day to adjust each shade. Do it all from your phone, or let your home adjust automatically based on your settings.

    Combine Lighting and window shades for even more control on the perfect ambient in each room

    No one likes having to go around the house opening or lowering your shades several times of the day just to let the right about of light in!

    If you have high ceilings and hard to reach windows this becomes even harder, so why not do it automatically?

    With Smart Motorized shades not only can you open and close all your window shades with one button, you can set them to open and close depending on the light outside! On a sunny day you might want to lower them a little more to control how much sunlight is coming in.

    Climate Control

    Walking into your home after a day at the office and finding it to be too hot or too cold is never pleasant, but neither is spending money keeping your house warm or cool when no one is home to enjoy it!

    Using a smart thermostat that can be set depending on your routines, learn from you and adapt to changes makes it very easy to have your home at the right temperature whenever you are there, and save money and energy when you aren’t!

    Home Office

    Nowadays, more people than ever are working from home.
    So you need to make sure your home office is equipped to handle all of today’s technological trends. Let the home office experts at WH Smarthome help you enhance the technology for your home office so you can achieve maximum performance.

    From lighting to speakers to monitors, our home automation experts will ensure your home office is equipped to handle any technological need your home office infrastructure requires.