Home Automation for Entertainment

We all spend a lot of time in our home, and we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate our likes, hobbies and passions into our home in order to enjoy it more. 

Home Automation Systems can make your hobbies and entertainment systems even more enjoyable by bringing them all together to work seamlessly in our home with a simple touch of a button!  This is precisely what makes the Entertainment category one of the most popular ones for home automation; we all want to have more fun while we are home! A well thought out system will fit into your lifestyle and work for all your family, regardless of what each family member wants. 

The entertainment category for home automation is frequently broken down into Audio, Video and IoT (Internet of Things), bringing all your favorite entertainment systems together to interact with you as one! 


Music and Audio has become an integral part of almost everyones life. We enjoy music in just about every place we go, and technology has really made it easy for us to carry millions of songs in our pocket. 

When we are home, being able to stream our favorite music, and enjoy it in high quality, wherever we are is one of the best parts of a connected home. It doesn’t matter if you are alone in the shower singing your favorite tune or outdoors entertaining your friends, music will be there!

An Integrated audio system will get us the music we want wherever we want it. There are really endless possibilities for your home audio. You can have a whole home audio system with each room having independent controls so that each family member can listen to their music, or you could have something localized to your entertainment area where you and your guests can enjoy background music while you have a great time.

No matter what your preference is we will make sure you have the perfect system for your lifestyle. We will ensure the speakers and controls match you and your family’s preferences and lifestyle so that you can all have a great time at home!

Integrating your audio into your Smart Home System will let you control and interact with your audio system in fun and simple ways! You can now ask. your home to play your favorite playlist by a simple voice command, or integrate it with other systems in your home to make it set a specific mood for you. You can also automate routines to make your life easier and more fun! For example, tell your system it’s time to relax and it will automatically dim the lights and start playing a soft music playlist for you.

Home Automation - Audio Detail


Home Automation Video Detail

No home is complete without some sort of video setting! Video has become a part of our daily lives, from keeping up with current events on the news, to watching a blockbuster movie or just relaxing with the family enjoying a show, video is embedded in our daily lives.

Everyone has different needs for their home, it could be a single centrally located TV, a TV in every room in the home or a professional Home Theater, but no matter what your need is you want to make sure you get the best video and audio quality possible to enjoy your movie night!

When you integrate your video technology with your Smart Home system the possibilities are now even greater! Now, by bringing audio and video together in our system we can create even more fun automations! We can automatically stop whatever 

We’ve always said Smart Homes are here to make our lives easier and more fun, so think of these ideas for your home! Imagine yourself finishing dinner with your partner and getting ready to watch a romantic movie. You simply ask your home to set a romantic movie, and will automatically stop playing the background music, it will dim the lights, turn on the TV and have the audio router to your surround system. All you need to do is choose your movie and sit down to enjoy it!

Internet Of Things

The entertainment in a Smart Home doesn’t stop with Audio and Video! In fact, I would say it’s only getting started. Internet of Things as it’s called today, is being able to connect simple devices to the internet, allowing them to become smarter, as well as to be controlled remotely. Think about your smart watch, or your home appliances; maybe your coffee machine, or your rice cooker! All these devices make up the internet of things, allowing us to integrate whatever we want in our homes.

Once again we’ll say a smart home is as unique as its owners, and this is exactly why! Internet of things will allow each person to choose what devices fit into their lifestyle and connect them to their home system, making it truly unique!

Let us provide a couple of examples of systems you could consider in your home!

Maybe you really enjoy cooking, and you decide to integrate smart technology in your kitchen! Imagine yourself on Sunday night using a tablet to pick the recipes for the week. Once you pick them, the tablet will automatically order the ingredients you need from your favorite grocery store for you to pick up on your way back from work on Monday. Once you get home with your groceries, you click on the recipe you’ll be preparing, you choose an
Italian soup, and as you choose it, your music system starts playing Italian music to set the mood as it walks you through the steps to prepare the ingredients.  Once you have all the ingredients, you place them in the smart pressure cooker, which will set the right temperature and time to cook it for. Now you simply sit back and relax while the food is ready!